Sunday, 18 February 2007

Thought for the Day

"Living well is the best revenge."

Who said that? I can't remember. Bitter quotient is low today. I started this blog because I spent most of January feeling pretty depressed. This weekend, it's like the cobwebs have all cleared away. The events of Friday night enabled me to reanalyse the situation in its true light (or as near to true as I'm likely to get). I could have tried to do that at any time, of course, but I needed the final piece of the puzzle first. For those who have read "Games People Play", she was playing an extended version of "Kiss-Off/Indignation/Rapo", probably consciously, judging by the little speech she gave me at the pay-off, and I was unconsciously playing Kick Me (again! I have got to learn better), though it nearly turned into a version of "Let's You and Him Fight" on Friday (luckily the other guy - not her boyfriend - he's never been seen, and may not exist - ran away, despite being bigger than me). The lady in question frequents the same places I do, so I'll have to put up with seeing her around. I don't actually object to being friends, though I expect she'll avoid me, at least for awhile.

Prediction: If we do make friends, she'll probably try and re-run the game again, but not until several months at least have passed. She'll probably have some story about having missed my friendship, or not getting on with her boyfriend. I intend to resist. Cynical? Jaded? Moi?

Saturday, 17 February 2007

Games People Play

Bitter setting is on high today. How can you spend four months getting to know someone, without finding out they have a boyfriend? Easy: You just don't ask. But why should I have needed to? She told me she was divorced, so I would have thought she would at least casually mention her boyfriend. But she didn't, not once. I feel like an idiot - I think I've been caught out by a version of this game: Kiss-off

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Valentine's Day tomorrow. I hate it, usually: It feels like a conspiracy against single people; most media comment seems to assume everyone is in a happy couple. Sorry, but many people are not, either willingly or unwillingly (the latter, in my case). And of course, many of the coupled are unhappy despite that state of affairs. Still, I did something I haven't done in some years - I sent a card (non-tacky, I might add) to a woman I met a few months ago, with hints enough she should figure it out, though I'm not really expecting a serious result (bitter mode is on tonight, though set to a lowish level - I've actually been fairly cheerful for most of the last couple of weeks, which is probably why I haven't written anything here in that time).